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Heritage Volunteers

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Heritage Volunteers

The Arts Society members throughout the country are involved in cataloguing, conserving and cleaning objects which are important to our national and local heritage. All sessions are cancelled at the present time due to the pandemic.


Our Heritage Volunteers have worked at the Lancashire Infantry Museum at Fulwood Barracks in Preston.  They have catalogued, photographed and prepared for exhibition the effects of Private William Sharpley, who had been a prisoner of the Japanese at Singapore during the Second World War.  Very poignantly they included his diaries which listed his favourite foods and ‘fantasy menus’.  They have also catalogued, photographed and repacked the map collection and  have cleaned the medal collection – 2,500 medals in total – which have now been re-hung – looking a great deal shinier than before – in a new display.

Most recently volunteers have cleaned items that have been returned from Blackburn Museum where they were previously exhibited – including a magnificent carved Benin Tusk found on a sacrificial Shrine at Benin City on 18th February, 1897 which was presented to the Officers Mess, East Lancashire Depot by Major Leonard, Major Galney and Major Ringer.   They have also cleaned a Bronze Bell from Canton removed by the 59th Nottingham Regiment of Foot when the city was captured in 1857.  It was displayed in a temple like structure at the Arboretum in Nottingham before coming to Lancashire and into the possession of the East Lancashire Regiment.

dsc_0080a-2-benin-tusk  dsc01765-canton-bell-2  dsc01765-3-cleaning-medals-jean

The First World War colours at Blackburn Cathedral were conserved by Heritage Volunteers in time for the 98th Battle of the Somme Memorial Service in 2014 and can been seen in the St Martin Chapel.  The work was completed in time for the WW1 commemorations and fulfilled Samlesbury’s contribution to NADFAS’s national WW1 commemoration.  The work was undertaken with funds provided by Mr Roger Mitchell, President of our Society and by Deans Court Chambers, Manchester and Preston.

06 07 14 Rehung colour 1

Heritage Volunteers are at the Museum (normally) on Mondays and Tuesdays usually from around 10 am until 2 pm and if you are interested in joining us or would like to come and see what we do then do please get in touch.

The Museum is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10am – 4pm throughout the year except for 2 weeks over the Christmas period, and admission is free. Details can be found at www.lancashireinfantrymuseum.org.uk

Other Projects Volunteers have also catalogued and photographed the Blackburn Art Gallery and Museum’s ceramic and ethnic collections and The Hart Collection of rare books. The most recent project was the cleaning and cataloguing of their silver collection. The Patricia Fay Memorial Fund sponsored the training for this project.

If you are interested in helping with any of these projects do get in touch.
Please put your name forward! You can get in touch via the CONTACT page.